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The focus of Interdisciplinaria Archaeologica – Natural Sciences in Archaeology is the ongoing cooperation of archaeology with the natural sciences and other disciplines. The journal’s interests include bioarcheaology (archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeogenetics and anthropology), geoarchaeology (petro-archeology, micromorphology) and dating methods in archaeology. We will publish contributions that aim to solve archaeological questions utilizing the methods of the natural sciences and other fields. The birth of IANSA reflects the growing need of scientists in central Europe to access an international journal focused on the methods of the natural sciences and multidisciplinary cooperation in archaeology. The growth of natural science methodologies within archaeology has been very dynamic. It is anticipated that our target group of readers will also grow in the coming years and, along with traditional archaeological institutions, will gradually include specialized natural science institutions (natural science departments associated with archaeology focused museums, specialized laboratories, etc.) in the Czech Republic and abroad. IANSA also aims to provide a niche for historical studies, particularly those that cooperate with the natural sciences and archaeology.

The journal is strictly scientific, peer reviewed, and publishes only in British English. Each article is reviewed by two specialists in fields related to the content of the article. Our goal is to establish IANSA as a high quality specialty periodical, cited by the international Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report (JCR), and with a high level JCR “Impact Factor”. A hardcopy of the journal is issued semi-annually, on glossy paper, and with an initial circulation of 500 pieces.

Advisory Board

Chair: John Chapman

Miroslav Bárta, Alice Choyke, Bryan Hanks, Mirosław Makohonienko

Editorial Board

Chair: Jaromír Beneš
Vice-Chair: Michal Hejcman
Executive Editor: Ondřej Mlejnek
Review Editor: Anna Pankowská
Copy and Language Editor: Steve Ridgill
Publisher: Jaroslav Peška

Ondřej Bábek, Alžběta Danielisová, Mária Hajnalová, Martin Hložek, Petr Pokorný, Lukáš Šín, Ladislav Šmejda

Publishing Institution

Archaeological Centre Olomouc, Goverment Funded Organisation

Cooperating Institutions

Laboratory of Archaeobotany and Palaeoecology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Center for Theoretical Study (CTS), Charles University in Prague and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

This publication is financially supported by

Faculty of Arts, Ostrava University