image/svg+xml137XIV/1/2023INTERDISCIPLINARIA ARCHAEOLOGICANATURAL SCIENCES IN ARCHAEOLOGYhomepage: http://www.iansa.euObituaryLadislav Šmejda (26 August 1975 – 27 November 2022)Martin Janovský, Jan Horák, Petr Krištuf, Michal HejcmanWe are devastated by the untimely passing of our dear friend, colleague, teacher and member of the IANSA Editorial Board. A person who signifcantly infuenced the development of contemporary science has left us. Even for us, his friends and colleagues, it is not easy to defne the main area of his scientifc interest, for Ladislav Šmejda had always devoted himself to many topics. Although he mainly studied archaeology, within it he never specialised in any specifc period. He devoted himself to topics from the Eneolithic, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, but he also did not avoid issues from, for example, the Middle Ages or the Modern Age. One could say he mainly devoted himself to theoretical archaeology and the development of remote sensing methods, the application of computer methods, environmental archaeology and then purely cultural topics with an overlap into cultural anthropology and history. He did not hesitate to think about any problem that was related to the functioning of human societies in the past or present. He allowed himself to conduct research outside of Europe and often connected with researchers across disciplines Volume XIV ● Issue 1/2023 ● Pages 137–142