image/svg+xml3 VIII/1/2017 INTERDISCIPLINARIA ARCHAEOLOGICA NATURAL SCIENCES IN ARCHAEOLOGY homepage: Editorial IANSA 1/2017 Conference of Environmental Archaeology Crosses Czech Borders Ondřej Mlejnek, Mária Hajnalová At the beginning of this millennium, bioarchaeology and environmental archaeology in the Czech Republic went through a period of dynamic development. Archaeobotanists, zooarchaeologists, anthropologists and geoarchaeologists active at this time worked at various departments of biology, life sciences, or geology, and rarely they were rarely employed by archaeological institutions. The possibilities of sharing their results with other archaeologists were rather restricted. Their work was often considered as just a supplementary service to the archaeology. All this changed in 2005, when Petr Pokorný, Jaromír Beneš and other colleagues founded an annual meeting where environmental specialists cooperating with archaeologists in the Czech Republic could meet and share the results of their work. This meeting was called at the beginning “The Archaeobotanical work group”, later from 2010 Konference environmentální archaeologie, KEA (Conference of Environmental Archaeology, CEA), and although it started more as a working-group round table, it grew in time into a regular conference. More and more specialists have joined in, the scope of the presented topics has widened and people from across the border, mainly from Poland and Slovakia, have become regular attendants of this conference.On the 6 th and 7 th February 2017, the 13 th CEA took place in Nitra in Slovakia. This was the frst time in its history the venue for the CEA was outside the Czech Republic. As our journal is one of the co-organizers of CEA, some of the IANSA editors presented there the results of their work, and the IANSA Editorial Board meeting followed immediately after the conference. Below we would like to inform you about the progress of this annual meeting. Volume VIII ● Issue 1/2017 ● Pages 3–5