image/svg+xml223 VII/2/2016 InterdIscIplInarIa archaeologIca natural scIences In archaeology homepage: A look at the region Archaeological Centre Olomouc – Institutional History Jaroslav Peška a , Lukáš Šín a* a Archaeological Centre Olomouc, U Hradiska 42/6, 77900 Olomouc, Czech Republic 1. Introduction – institutional history The Archaeological Centre Olomouc (ACO), the publisher of the IANSA Journal, was founded on 1 st January 2003. It is an allowance organization of the Olomouc Region, which acts as a specialized archaeological institution of this administrative territorial unit (Figure 1). Until the date of its foundation, in the years 1995–1998 the ACO acted as an organization titled the Institute of Archaeological Heritage Olomouc, and in the years 1999–2002 it was known as the Archaeological Centre of the Regional Museum in Olomouc. ACO takes an active part in the protection and salvation of movable and immovable archaeological monuments with the Olomouc Region and, where appropriate, in other territories as well. It carries out development-led archaeological excavations as well as rescue excavations induced by construction or any other earthworks. It records and documents archaeological actions, fnds and fndspots, stores fnds during their technical and professional processing, presents the excavation results to professionals as well as the non-professional public, participates in educational and methodology activities in the feld of archaeology, and cooperates with other archaeological institutions and cultural organizations. Since 2003, ACO has carried out 375 archaeological rescue excavations and more than a thousand archaeological watching briefs at various construction works and actions (Figures 2, 3). These archaeological excavations yielded more than one million fnd items which were treated in the ACO laboratory (Figure 4). Individual archaeological excavations were documented by relevant excavation reports (185 issues). 2. Activities, Projects and Cooperation with associated Institutes and Societies ACO professional workers published more than 300 scholarly and research articles and papers in many domestic and foreign periodicals, collected volumes and Volume VII ● Issue 2/2016 ● Pages 223–228 *Corresponding author. E-mail: ARtiCle infO Article history: Received: 21 st August 2016 Accepted: 28 th December 2016 Key words: Archaeological Centre Olomoucarchaeological excavationcultural heritageinterdisciplinarityOlomouc region AbstRACt The care of archaeological monuments in the region of central Moravia is presently fulflled through the activities of the Archaeological Centre Olomouc. The centre was founded on January 1 st , 2003 with the goal of saving the important parts of a disappearing cultural heritage. It thus takes care of archaeological rescue excavations caused by various construction works. It records and documents archaeological actions, fnds and fndspots, stores the fnds during their technical and professional processing, and then presents the excavation results to professionals along with the non-professional public. It also cooperates with other archaeological or cultural organizations and academic institutions. Research activities are also focused on the interpretation of particular historical events in individual societies using the data obtained by archaeological excavation. The centre applies the same theoretical approach to all the many other disciplines it incorporates in its work. Using the methods of several disciplines enables the integration of data and research cooperation in studies of settlement in particular regions in the past. The criteria for such interdisciplinary research are described in this article. The Archaeological Centre Olomouc, therefore, ofers the creation of a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation between experts from various disciplines that concerns direct cooperation in feld research and the modelling of reconstruction procedures involving settlement and funerary activities.
image/svg+xmlIANSA 2016 ● VII/2 ● 223–228Jaroslav Peška, Lukáš Šín: Archaeological Centre Olomouc – Institutional History 224 monographs. They are the authors or co-authors of many publications, often acting as editors (Archeologické zrcadlení/Archaeological Refections, Dědictví věků, Protoúnětické pohřebiště z Pavlova) or co-publishers, as well as the outputs of projects accomplished in cooperation with other institutions in our country and abroad (Popelnicová pole a doba halštatská, České Budějovice 2004; PANTA RHEI Studies on the Chronology and Cultural Development of South-Eastern and Central Europe in Earlier Prehistory, Bratislava 2010; Archaeology and Airborne Laser Scanning of the Landscape, Plzeň 2013). Besides the IANSA Journal, ACO also issues a regular series of specialized publications which mainly present the results of excavations in the parent region. Among these are Ročenka Archeologického centra Olomouc, the monographic series Archeologiae Regionalis Fontes (ARF), and volumes about signifcant archaeological sites or topics Archeologické památky střední Moravy (APSM). Information about the current activities of ACO is published on the website The institution acts as applicant or co-applicant in many projects of international impact. Among the most important ones are: Metal Corrosion Products in Archaeology: Complex Approach – Czech Science Foundation; A Burial Ground of the Bell Beaker Culture on the Motorway D1 Vyškov-Mořice